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ELCC has got a history of teaching, nothing more nothing less. Mr. Alebatchew Admasatchew and his wife Mrs. Martha Worku opened the door on 1977 European calendar to teach English language.
Mr Alebatchew did taught more than 10,000 Ethiopians to become better on their English language skills.
His daughter Mrs Noel Alebatchew has been teaching English language for the last 15 years both in Ethiopia and USA, and tutoring for another 3 years before that.
ELCC English Language School used to be called The English Language School. ELCC was probably the first English language teaching center in Ethiopia.
Understanding the importance of English, ELCC has been trying to make English the second language of Ethiopia. Motivated by our tireless effort there are many many language teaching centers in Ethiopia. Even if there are numbers of teaching centers, the number is still very small to make Ethiopia the first country who speaks English as second language without ever been colonized.
ELCC with all the experience accumulated is still working on sharpening Ethiopians English skills, and urge people with advanced English skills to open their doors and start sharing their English skills to more and more Ethiopians.
This is our history and our future.
Our dream is to see Ethiopia speaking English as its second language without ever been colonized.
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